19th February 2014

With some parts looking a bit worn and dull I decided to give some interior parts a minor makeover. The driver door grab handle was scratched by the previous owner (who was a female doctor so I presume long fingernails did some damage here) so I replaced it with a brand new one. The original electric window and mirror switches felt a bit cheap so I replaced them with the chrome tip switches that are off the newer MK6 Golf. I must admit that it feels nicer to use over the original set as it has a smoother damp action and makes it less prone to accidently winding the windows all the way down!

I also updated my Euro Light Switch to complete the set, though I must admit that I had a needlessly hard time removing the old switch out. It turns out the tab that was supposed to disengage was broken so it was stuck, in the end I had to remove the dash panels and surrounds so I can get to the back of it and pry it off (which took me a good hour or so)! But in the end despite the hassle I’m pleased to have the chrome tip MK6 Euro Switch which looks aesthetically much better than the old switch. The parking light actually lights up green rather than having a monotonous colour throughout which is pretty nice!

But that’s not all, with the switches done my attention turned to the main centre console. While there was nothing wrong it just felt a bit plain and dull to look at. So I had the centre console stripped and hydro dipped in Carbon Fibre film pattern. The end result is a nice and shiny finish that looks fresh, eye-catching and easy to maintain. To top it off the Hazard Switch was changed from bright plastic red to a shiny dark cherry red look. This particular hazard switch can only be obtained from China as this was fitted to the VW Sagitar models.